Account Receivable and Accounts Payable

Account Simply helps you manage your cash flow by monitoring your accounts receivable at all times while reducing overheads, increasing productivity, and resolving disputes quickly. We will keep your accounts receivable data up-to-date and provide timely aging reports that you need to manage your collections. Best of all, outsourcing your account receivable services is flexible, cost effective, easy and efficient for your company.

Our accounts payable services are affordable, reliable and secure. We make managing and processing your bills easy, so your payments are made on time, disputes are handled quickly, and fraudulent charges become a thing of the past. Additionally, Account Simply provides custom business reports using your company’s financial data to help you identify areas of excess (or wasteful) spending you may never have realized before. Breaking down your payables to a granular level to provide you with real insights in to your expense.

Our Accounts Receivable service includes the following:

  • Review and record invoices

  • Prepare and mail invoices

  • Prepare accounts receivable agings

  • Prepare and deliver customer statements and notices

  • Follow up with customers, if requested.

Our Accounts Payable service includes the following:

  • Maintaining your approved vendor list with contact and payment information

  • Record your bills and have a copy of it available for you to view it securely

  • Bill verification and duplicate prevention

  • Notify you when a new bill is received

  • Allow you to approve and schedule the payment in full or part

  • Schedule an electronic payment or prepare a check. We will not make any payment without your consent

  • Offsite bill collection (Paper or Electronic)



Payroll is a critical responsibility of your accounting department. That’s why Account Simply offers your business the advantage of outsourcing both payroll and bookkeeping to just one vendor, and making accounting tasks even easier.

We know the legal and regulatory burdens of payroll services hinder the growth and productivity of a company and its employees. Account Simply resolves this by handling employee paychecks, payroll taxes, and employee benefits. Our payroll processing system is flexible, cost effective, and reliable.

Payroll Services Highlights:

  • Payroll Data Collection

  • Calculation of Taxes and Deductions

  • Payment Processing(Checks or Electronic)

  • Payroll Tax Reporting

  • Annual Payroll Management Reports with Key Business Insights